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Why Geeklyzer?

More Detailed, More Accurate Than Imagined and Truly Objective

Influencer Marketing activities are carried out inefficiently without adequate research and analysis.

Geeklyzer is here to change it!

Don’t miss a thing
with precise tracking!

  • Track your brand & competitors
  • Posts, Reels, Stories even Swipe Ups ;)

Be aware of competitors!

  • See compact benchmark reports
  • Discover how you can reach competitors’ audience by *Organically Related Influencer List

Find the perfect fit Influencers!

  • Full history of every Influencer from nano to mega
    • detect all branded contents from posts, reels, stories even swipe ups
    • ensure if Influencer values align with brand image
  • Detailed & pinpoint analytics of Influencers by the power of AI, data and algorithms. Bot Detector, Unique Reach, *Fan Rate, **Audience Reachability and much more!

Create demo projects and forecast results!

  • Find out Influencers’ mutual followers rate
  • Create a demo project with different influencer combinations and forecast the reach results

Live Track Screen!

  • Filter Influencers, @, # and keywords and see every content and results instantly

Our Services

to change influencer marketing world…

Live Dashboard

Insant access to AI analytics, insight, forecast and competitors’ data.


All the posts about the brand are presented in live screen collectively and instantly.
The brand’s social media activity and efficiency are presented as summary reports.

Brand Report

All the contents about the brand/competitors & data/analyzes about the contents are presented in a simple and compact format.


-Bot Catcher
-AI analytics about brand accounts
-Influencers’ list organically related to brands


- Bot Catcher
- Audience Reachability
- Gender&Age

- Influencer Efficiency
- Followers Type
- Top Related Brands

Projection Calculator

Demo project can be created & potential reach results with different influencer combinations can be seen.

Project Tracking

Created projects’ results & contents are presented live.

Influencer History

All contents' #, @, descriptions and Word Cloud.

Retrospective Contents

Easy access to deleted branded contents such as stories.

Additional Requests

Additional report and analysis requests are met easily and quickly.


Influencer marketing plays a big part in communication agenda of the brands and increases its split in total marketing spendings each year. Yet, brands don’t have enough resources to create/track a project efficiently. Geeklyzer is here to change it…
More detailed, more accurate and truly objective as in our slogan ;) Thanks to our unique software, Geeklyzer do have significantly more local data in Turkey than the others. With our big data and AI team, Geeklyzer can provide more advanced analytics and more detailed insight than the others. We also promise to meet quickly any additional analysis or data requests by you, that's how much we trust our software. Have a new analysis idea but don't have enough resources to do it? Just tell us and we'll quickly add it to our services ;)
Yes, we would like to show you what we can offer. Contact us and demand free trial.
Instagram analytics covers only your own profile and is not as detailed as in Geeklyzer. Geeklyzer also analyzes other profiles so you can compare your Instagram activities with the competition. With geeklyzer, tracking all the posts about your brand/competition, discovering the analytics of these posts in a simple and compact format, comparing efficiency with the competition, creating a demo project, tracking created project instantly is so easy!
Yes, our profile list is huge. Yet, you can easily add any profile that is not on our list and you want to review, on our list through the dashboard.
Right now, only Instagram that has highest Influencer spending among social media platforms. TikTok, Youtube and others will be also covered really soon!